Ousting the Greenback: USD Still King as BTC and CBDCs Mount Challenge

Crypto-currency has been continuously and relentlessly climbing the ladder of commerce as it is revolutionizing the market with its innovative blockchain-based technology that has kept the investors happy. But as the sector grows, many new and aspiring platforms are finding it difficult the spotlight that is being hogged by the ones that had jumped into the pool before and thus have monopolized the market according to their needs and demands. But since the core value of this virtual commerce sector is one of equality and transparency, a new set of rules are set to be rolled onto the carpet, which will make things fairer and justified.

How it Works

This new set of rules has been optimized to form a new base of operation that will support small-scale projects that never get to see the light of day by effectively pulling down walls that the perpetuating system has created. Through this base, the selectors can sell slots for a unit of time of their skill and thus enables you to develop vouchers of your service time that can then selected by the buyers looking for talents. These vouchers can be used to provide a variety of services such as graphic design, consultations, psychological guidance, and many more such skis. Other similar projects that can go up onto such a platform for engagement include trading help, teaching requirements, astrological advice, and even coding.


This is a project that has been in the kitchen for a while now and has been evaluated thoroughly with signs of emerging potentiality. Many in Asia have already been familiarized with the whole platform and are enjoying the opportunities that it has provided. It’s the main advantage, and the selling point is the lower service charge and usage fees. Many other similar applications are known to charge obscene amounts from the service providers and thus essentially halving their profits for a considerable amount of time dedicated. This new product aims to satisfy the customers by offering minimal fees for a terrific system where both the provider and the seeker can check each other’s stats and performances.

This fantastic new player in the market has already successfully generated millions of dollars in capital valuations with better times peeking over the horizon. The blockchain technology behind the program has acted as sturdy bones to support the whole endeavor.


Crypto Is Next Step in Currency Evolution but Must Adapt to Succeed

Since the evolution of human life, our exchange mediums have also been evolved. From barter system to the fiat currency, many methods have been a part of our lives till now. Many factors gave the path to the evolution of the exchange system.

What Is Fiat Currency?

Fiat currency is the paper-based money that we use today. It completely works under government controls and regulations. Since it is the most convenient form of exchange, it became quite popular in the 20th century. It is a legal tender that is solely backed by the government. If the government somehow becomes corrupt, it may lead to inflation or even recession.

What Is Cryptocurrency?

The 21st century has not been less than a digital revolution. Digital payment has become the dire need of the world. In 2008 the blockchain founder, Satoshi Nakamoto introduced Bitcoin to the world. This cryptocurrency became the talk of the town soon after its invention.

Unlike fiat currency, cryptocurrency is a decentralized currency. Thus, there is no inclusion of third parties and banks. It is also a public ledger. That means, it is not created out of thin air, unlike fiat currency. The entire circulation is handled by a process called mining. It is a secure and transparent form of currency.

Can Cryptocurrency Ever Replace Fiat Currency?

It is faster, reliable, and transparent as compared to the fiat currency. To replace fiat currency, cryptocurrency may have to face many milestones. The following reasons explain why it is difficult for the system to completely adapt cryptocurrencies:

  1. Governments: Cryptocurrency does not rely on the government for its circulation. Being a decentralized ledger, it is also difficult to imply taxes on the cryptocurrency. Politicians and government can mold the economy the way they want through fiat currency circulation. This is the reason they don’t want to let go of fiat currency and allow cryptocurrency.
  2. The public is afraid of the attacks: Recently, a horrendous cyber-attack on Twitter has made everyone feel skeptical about cryptocurrency. The hackers were able to scam multiple billionaires, celebrities, and exchanges around $120,000 worth of Bitcoin. It has affected the safety perspective of the public around the use of cryptocurrencies.
  3. Energy consumption on mining: Bitcoin mining comprises of the transaction verification and storage of “blocks of information”. This process is performed by Bitcoin miners. However, this process is not an easy one. It consumes a lot of power and is difficult to sustain in the long run.
  4. Scalability: Blockchain can only process seven transactions per second but since now it is being globally used, this capacity is not scalable. Unless the size of the block is increased, it is difficult to say whether everyone can adapt cryptocurrency or not.

Since so many factors are pointing towards the global expansion of cryptocurrency. It is yet to see when cryptocurrency can replace the fiat currency.


Crypto Twitter Responds To The Twitter Hack

Crypto Twitter aimed to respond to the Twitter hack and suggested that there is more to it than what is visible.

On 16th July 2020, a large-scale twitter-hack attack took over some very famous verified accounts, including Wiz Khalifa, Mike Bloomberg, Barack Obama, Kanye West, Bill Gates, Joe Biden, Elon Musk, and Warren Buffett.

The hacker posted about fake giveaways from all these compromised accounts, demanding Bitcoin transactions and promising to return double what will be received.

Twitter temporarily locked all the verified accounts after immediate responses about the tweets getting deleted. In this regard, Jack Dorsey, CEO, Twitter, said that the investigations are going on.

Multiple companies, whose accounts got hacked, responded to the same. Binance formally announced that they would protect the assets of everyone by blacklisting the scammer’s address. Adding to this, they informed that the control of their twitter account is retaken, and there are no transfers of bitcoin to the given address.

Many theories are floating around about the mystery of how the scammer managed to hack so many high-profile accounts. One of the theories is that an ex-Twitter employee was involved in the game. However, all these theories are unverified, and there is no evidence confirming it.

After this hack, many tweets referred to ‘CryptoForHealth’ with a site link that was taken down. Dyma Budorin, CEO Hacken Group, has warned users about the malware this link may contain. He also suggested that whoever opened this link should terminate their active twitter sessions, and the device which was used  to open the link should be avoided for any kind of transactions before the world knows what exactly happened.

Some users claim that the hacker had a super low IQ because anyone with access to so many influential accounts could have manipulated the markets rather than running those giveaway scams.

A crypto trader named Sicarious explained that a better approach could be to shorten Bitcoin and then release the news of exchange hacks, funds not being “safu”, and SEC raids.

Yet another trader, DonAlt, tweeted that this hack and approach could have been used to shoot up the Bitcoin prices by posting news that a coin is adopted by the USA as a central currency thwart China.

A gold enthusiast and Bitcoin skeptic, Peter Schiff, commented on the scam by saying that it could be the harbinger of Bitcoin being hacked and suggested in the tweet that this is not the time to take risk and investors should buy gold to be safe. Replying to this, Anthony Pompliano tweeted that Twitter was hacked and not Bitcoin.

Jimmy Song, a Bitcoin developer, tweeted to educate the people and said that someone is messing with Twitter at the root level, and the same thing happens with the fiat money system. Concluding which, he explained that Twitter is not yours exactly just like your Dollars.


JPMorgan’s Blockchain Offshoot Kadena Gets First Ever Token Listing

JPMorgan’s startup Kadena is ready to get its first-ever listing on Bittrex. Kadena is the only company that has a hybrid blockchain. It works on both, the public blockchain as well as the private chain. This blockchain will cut off the limitations that come with both the blockchain models.

It provides the accessibility of public blockchain and at the same time maintains the privacy of a private chain. Kadena is found by ex-JPMorgan blockchain professionals Stuart Popejoy and Will Martino.

How Kadena Is Different?

The blockchain found by Kadena solves the much-hyped scalability issue of Proof of Work (PoW) networks present in the blockchain. The company did a fantastic job to shard the Proof of Work consensus of blockchain.

The main constituents of Kadena blockchain are a public chain, private chain of the company called “Kuro”, and Pact which is an open-source smart contract language. The Pact is human-readable and it can be used with Microsoft Excel programming level knowledge to create contract and publish them using the blockchain.

Bittrex is one of the popular cryptocurrency platforms around the world. Kadena token will be only available to trade on Bittrex as of now. This is the first-ever listing of JPMorgan’s subsidiaries Kadena on a crypto exchange platform.

The listing went live on June 25. The token name of Kadena is KDA on the crypto exchange. It was immediately made available to deposit in the wallet. The trading was made available on June 26 10:00 am EST.

Immediately after the launch, Kadena raised $15 million in sales through 3 tokens. In addition to it, Kadena is planning to scale its PoW blockchain network from 10 chains to 20 chains. The scaling is planned to go live on July 31.

KDA Trading Is Not Possible For People Living In The U.S. And Other Sanctioned Countries

KDA token is trading against two major digital coins, Bitcoin and Tether on Bittrex. However, there is a twist to the Kadena tokens. Bittrex Global is not available in the U.S. and other sanctioned countries.

It means KDA tokens are not being traded in the States. Bittrex is the largest crypto exchange in the world but due to limited accessibility, KDA trades is not open to the U.S., Cambodia, and Egypt.

Kadena Stepped Into Trading With A Market Value Of $13 Million

After setting a stepping stone of integrating public chain along with the private blockchain, Kadena has now its token. Kadena blockchain is one of its kind in the crypto world. It can create smart contracts and provides full transactions.

Kadena works on Proof of Work (PoW) consensus. Since its launch from November 2019, 35 million KDA tokens have made it to the circulation. The company CEO, Will Martino is expecting a total of 100 million tokens to be mined till next year. The price of one Kadena token is not decided till now.

Its price will be based on the demand and supply, said the CEO. The exact pricing details of KDA can be seen on crypto tracking websites like CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap.

There was an error in the details when the token first launched but coin history can still be seen on such tracking websites. According to the co-founder and CEO, the market cap of Kadena token is $13 million.

Kadena’s HIPPA-Compliant App Can Track COVID-19 Tests

Apart from the astounding blockchain innovation, Kadena has also introduced an app that can track virus test results. This testing application is an open-source project by the company. The decentralized COVID-19 testing application is known as dApp.

dApp is being used by medical professionals and patients to validate the testing results. It is a safe app since it is designed using decentralized technology. The results can be safely shared among doctors and patients.

The dApp is immediately available without KDA tokens on testnet. There is no need to acquire a crypto wallet to be able to use the app. By introducing new technologies Kadena is doing a lot in the blockchain field already.


Is Crypto Lending The Ultimate Killer App?

You must have heard about crypto lending at least once in a lifetime unless you have been living under a rock of purely traditional finance. Crypto lending became the trend opening up opportunities for big and small crypto players, and is supplying the decentralized finance ecosystem of Ethereum to more than 1 billion USD in locked value.

Crypto Lending – the Concept

The concept of crypto lending is basically quite less complicated. The ones borrowing are capable of making the use of their crypto assets as collateral to gain a fiat or stablecoin loan. On the other hand, lenders are providing the assets needed for a loan at a settled interest rate. This can also operate in a reverse manner where the ones to borrow fiat or stablecoins as collateral for leasing crypto assets.

The best method to learn how these platforms operate is to run through the various ways in which users can join them, starting from the most basic and progressing to the most developed.

  • A single platform that is helpful to check rates throughout platforms with a tracker like CoinMarketCap’s interest rate tool to detect the best returns for the asset you desire to lend.
  • Non-taxable dollar-denominated liquidity
  • Rate Arbitrage
  • Margin leverage or trading
  • Flash loans
  • Liquidations

Crypto Lending – The Ultimate Killer App – Is It?

The complete credit goes to crypto lending when it comes to using digital assets to earn yields and making it plausible to borrow capital. Crypto lending is one of the most rapidly expanding sectors in the crypto ecosystem.

The application has become the fastest spreading industry in the blockchain realm. Borrowing capital using digital assets and earning yields is viable for this app. Research company Credmark has made a report that the amount of crypto-backed loans raised seven-fold in 2019, finally touching $8 billion. Many experts say theories that crypto lending will captivate more investors into the crypto trade by raising its liquidity.

The CEO of Credmark, Paul Murphy, said that you could have been lending this amazing grease that just pushes everything forward at a much quicker pace.

The Risk Involved

Borrowing and lending is a work full of risks.

  • Digital currencies are highly volatile. If truth be told, a particular quantity of crypto-backed loans is utilized for margin trading operations.
  • Brock Pierce, a highlighted cryptocurrency entrepreneur, had to point out that when the market drops by more than 50 percent and you are in a collateralized margin type of trade, you may lose all of your capital sums.
  • While most crypto lending businesses depend on concentrated custodians to control their customers’ funds, DeFi lending platforms encourage P2P lending and borrowing operations without the interference of any middlemen.

Nonetheless, we’re in the primary stages of this technology, signifying that these platforms may pose many usability downsides.

The Future of Crypto Lending

It is important to understand that liquidations are a primary part of the crypto lending environment and critical to the system’s efficiency. Crypto works as incredible collateral for its simplicity of sale and liquidity.

Compared to a mortgage, where foreclosure and liquidation is quite a lengthy procedure, crypto liquidations take only a few seconds. With the expansion of the crypto industry, the crypto lending app will be vital in its success story.




Blockchain Intelligence Group Now Supports Bitcoin Cash

BIGG Digital Assets Inc., who owns the Blockchain Intelligence Group, is the pioneer in the blockchain technology search. It has announced the launch of bitcoin cash in offering data analytics solutions, which is a part of QLUE Release. The version number of the release is 1.16. The QLUE supports various cryptocurrencies such as ETH, ERC20, BTC, and LTC. The bitcoin underwent many roadblocks in 2017. To overcome those hardships, it has come up with the bitcoin cash.

Some many financial institutions and investigators started showing interest in bitcoin blockchain technology and start to measure the liabilities and risks of bitcoins.

Blockchain Intelligence Group has come with a product called QLUETM that would take care of all the risks. It helps financial institutions and law enforcement agencies to trace bitcoin cash transactions. The Bitcoin cash is an addition to the cryptocurrency of QLUE. It is also having to track and tracing abilities.

QLUETM, which is the critical product of BIG, is used by many bigwigs such as law enforcement agencies, banks, cryptocurrency exchanges, ATM operators, etc. There are extensive due diligence checks that are carried out along with the security investigations to explore where the funds are coming from and what destination. The profiles of the entities are also investigated thoroughly.

QLUETM will carry out an investigation and save the regulators’ findings to submit in the court if required.

The President of BIG, Lance Morginn, stated that QLUETM is gaining massive popularity in the market for having a rich and user-friendly interface, which makes it simple for the law enforcement and compliance staff to use it. The Bitcoin cash used in QLUETM is valuable to the existing and new customers to carry out the investigations. It is increasing the revenue and market share of the crypto forensics across the globe.

BIGG strongly believes that the future of the currency would be Crypto. It will create a safe, transparent, and highly regulated environment.

BIGG is spending a considerable amount of money to attain this goal. There are two big companies that BIGG owns. These include – Blockchain Intelligence Group, and the other is the Netcoins.

QLUETM is the Blockchain-agnostic search and analytics engine that allows you to track the cryptocurrency transactions at the forensic level

Bitcoin cash

Bitcoin cash is the digital currency that was created way back in 2017, the hard fork of bitcoin. This is the alternative coin to bitcoins. The bitcoin cash is divided into two different cryptocurrencies. These include – bitcoin cash, and the other is Bitcoin SV. The bitcoin cash is the decentralized peer-to-peer network that uses blockchain to record its transactions in the ledger to maintain transparency. Every transaction is processed, verified, and stored on the ledger that no one can manipulate or attack.

Bitcoin miners create bitcoin cash. The bitcoin has come into the market to kick off the gaps in the bitcoins. The strength of the bitcoin cash can be an increase in the bitcoin market through this cash. It is created with the intent to increase the size of the block and boost the speed at which the transactions are processed. The bitcoin cash is against Litecoin. With its faster transaction speed, it helps the merchants to confirm the transactions at a jet speed. The faster transaction speed will help the bitcoin to compete with other cryptocurrency coins.

The scalability issues that were faced by bitcoins are addressed by bitcoin cash. This is an investment currency. Bitcoin could not handle the surge the processing of transactions on the blockchain technology due to the block size limit set to 1 MB. It consumes a lot of time and power bills to carry out the transactions. Bitcoin cash is the solution to reduce the processing time as it is offering the block size limit of up to 8 MB and can be extended to 32 MB.


How is blockchain improving gaming?

In the past few years, the blockchain is a term widely used and heard. Many people wonder what it is and how it can be used. It is a system of managing the data in a chain form where one can have the rights to add but not modify the data. In this era, the use of technology is visible in almost every wake of life. You will be surprised to know that blockchain is drastically changing the gaming industry. In the near future, it is going to get better as more and more companies start developing games that allow cryptocurrency purchases. There are several advantages of this development. From the point of view of gamers, it will enable you to move your digital assets from one game to another without any hassles. Similarly, developers get to benefit by attracting more users into this industry.

Open communication between developers and gamers

Gaming is an important field, and many users, as well as developers, are associated with it. Usually, the developers develop a game and attract users to enjoy it by playing. In normal circumstances, the approach to develop any game is top-down, and users do not have any say in this matter. However, when the blockchain approach is followed in developing games, gamers’ ideas will also get some consideration. In this way, the entire future development becomes community-driven, and this can lead to drastic changes in gaming technology.

Easy to control fraud

As it is easy to trace the cryptocurrency movement, the entire system will become more efficient in controlling instances of fraud. In simple terms, users will have to follow proper rules with regards to making purchases, as this can be tracked at a later stage. It is essential as they can even be moved to a different platform or sold to another user in the future.

In-game purchase development

When it comes to purchasing in-game items, users are restricted as they have to deal with the currency option provided by gaming developers. However, with the implementation of blockchain technology into games, users can make in-game purchases and save them as digital assets. This will bring good demand for such games as users will now be more willing to purchase such things which will have good value in the future. Not only that, such assets will not get locked to a particular platform, and they can be moved to a different platform at a later date.

Improves transparency

The overall gaming industry will become more transparent with such development. Blockchain technology has good potential to change the entire dynamics of this industry. Users will now be able to buy various digital assets and keep them for a long duration. This will also motivate them to buy more such assets in the future. Even buyers will know that such digital assets are genuine when they are tied to cryptocurrency.

Future of gaming

The future of gaming looks exciting as blockchain has already entered this stream. Many developers are open to implementing in-game purchases with cryptocurrency options. This will improve the value of such digital assets and make them more appealing to the larger public.

In this manner, the gaming industry will see good growth, with more participation from users. People who are not gaming enthusiasts will also enter into this platform with the integration of blockchain digital assets into the games. Developers will now have more flexibility to import such digital assets from different games and use them in their own games. Overall, community participation in the gaming industry will improve by a considerable margin with this development in the industry.



UK Crypto Cop: Law Enforcement Must Understand Bitcoin

Soon after Satoshi Nakamoto invented the Bitcoin, the criminal activities also followed his invention. Several criminal minds started to use it for illegal purposes. Along with the evolvement of cryptocurrency, the number of crimes is also raising. For instance, a man was arrested in the UK for selling drugs online. That man used cryptocurrency as a medium to illegally sell drugs.

He made a huge sum of money in exchange for drugs. But his crime could not be hidden from the sharp eyes of the UK police officer, Phil Ariss. Phil is renowned for his anti-cybercrime efforts and specialization. He arrested Paul Johnson and saved the country from another online crime.

The UK cop who arrested this man has been teaching other police officers on how to deal with crypto crimes in Leicestershire. His tactics and training are prominent outside of the UK.

A Specialized UK Cop Who Handles Crypto Crimes

The officer, Phil Ariss arrested Paul Johnson on April 18. Johnson was selling narcotics online and he made more than $2.5 million through his criminal activities. He has been jailed for more than eight years now and all of the money is recovered.

Ariss stated that digital media investors also accompanied the officers when Johnson was arrested. Along with the other officers, he recovered $375,300 worth of crypto assets from this warrant.

Leicestershire officer Phil Ariss is working as crypto police since 2016. He joined East Midlands Special Operations Unit Cybercrime Team in 2016. And since then he is actively handling cryptocurrency-related crimes. He also joined Police Chief Council’s (NPCC) program in 2018. This program also deals with cybercrimes.

According to Ariss, cryptocurrency crimes are rising every day and criminals are using Bitcoins to loot people through the web. He along with his team is training other officers to tackle crypto criminal activities.

He is even training several domestic and international authorities. This training involves specialized training to tackle crypto crimes in the respective countries.

Current Status of Crypto Scams In UK

Ariss stated that since he first joined as a police officer in 2008, there was no case of cybercrime during that time. And he even confirmed that he never thought of becoming a virtual currency specialist police officer.

Cybercrime is not just limited to illegal drugs but scammers are also stealing money through blackmailing and other frauds. These scammers remain anonymous and people fall prey to their fraud.

Although there was no case of cybercrime in the UK for many years, the past two years have been crucial for the crypto industry. In the last two years, there were 562 cases of Bitcoin-related frauds in the UK alone.

This number proves that the BTC frauds are going anywhere but decreasing. According to the crypto cop, in several cases, the digital money was recovered. So, it was a clear victory of the strategic policing to retrieve the cryptocurrency of many people.

What’s the Vision of This Officer to Protect the Digital Currency?

Cryptocurrency is exploited in more than one way by the criminals. People are getting scammed almost every day. According to some reports, the famous terrorism organizations are also using cryptocurrencies to fund their illegal motives.

Since every coin has two faces, whenever the criminals tried to exploit the market, the law enforcement was able to catch them red-handed. The advantage of handling digital fraud is the ability to track it at every step.

Ariss is clear with his vision. He wants the law to come forward and take action for such offenders. He even insists that law enforcement should take place to stop such frauds. Since cryptocurrency is being used widely, there are more chances of breach than ever.

Unlike traditional transactions, Bitcoin transactions are recorded at every step. Thus, it can help law enforcement to track the criminal. Just because it is a trackable offense, it doesn’t mean it is easy to catch the criminals for the cops. The officers have to take advanced steps to make sure every transaction is tracked closely.

Hackers and criminals are using Bitcoins to sift through from one target to another. In other words, financial privacy is at a huge risk. To save multiple innocent people, Ariss is training the officers and making them aware of cybercrimes.

The law enforcement agencies have to work along with other tech firms to trace the culprits easily. ComplyAdvantage and Elliptic are such tech firms that help the police in targeting these criminals.

The vision of the crypto cop seems in favor of cryptocurrency security. However, there is more intuitive technical measure have to come in place to protect the cyber frauds. It can be equipping existing law enforcement with the latest cryptocurrency knowledge or joining hands with tech firms that analyze the blockchain patterns to catch the criminals quickly.


Cash or Plastic? Countries Where Crypto Debit Cards Are Legal

Cash is being used for transactions from thousands of years. In the current condition also countries are adopting plastic money but cash is still in use. We can see how dramatically cashless payments are becoming so popular.

Different countries have different regulations, records, transactions, and systems of cash and plastic money usage. Just like the popularity of plastic money the popularity of apps supporting cashless transactions is also increasing at a rapid speed. The most common reasons for the popularity of this unique way are time-saving, convenient, reliable, and on record.

Countries are also giving priority to cashless societies. In COVID-19 effects also this cashless plastic money and the assistance of the app were extremely very helpful.

Below are some advantages and disadvantages of the use of plastic at the place of cash:


Safe method: Plastic payments or online transactions are password protected. The records of every transaction are maintained very well. This is the reason why this mode of transaction/ payments is lovable by different countries.

Time-saving: You need to have internet access or a card accepting machine for your further payments and transactions. It takes very little time to finish a transaction. The system generated format gives instructions step by step so the transaction becomes easier for the beginners also. Users can enjoy the fun of online payments, shopping, and more with plastic money/cards.

Easy international payments: International payments were heavy tasks in the early days. The agents were charging a big commission to send money to different countries. But now with plastic cards, you don’t have to pay extra for international transactions. There is no need to rely on an agent for international transactions. You can do it on your own by using these cards. Less time duration of international transactions makes it the most preferable option for everyone.

Low risk of robbery: Holding cash is quite difficult and risky. You can hold too much cash in your pocket while traveling. But plastic money allows you to safely do so in your traveling. At your residence also you always fear the robbers that they can steal your money from the safe. To reduce this risk from your mind these plastic cards have been introduced.


Technology and Internet-based performance: Along with hundreds of positive aspects plastic cards have some negative aspects too. This is the reason why cash is still among us. Its dependency on technology and internet services sometimes makes it hard to select a single mode of payment. In long power cuts, poor internet due to weather or other conditions affects the functioning of plastic money.

No accessibility in deprived areas: We have come so far but still many places are deprived. The people of those areas don’t have bank accounts. Without bank account plastic money allotment and usage is impossible. So the citizens of various countries are unable to avail of the advantages of plastic money.

If we compare cash with plastic then we would find that for business, investors, and modern age people plastic money is very important and useful. But for the deprived areas and daily expenses, cash is more user’s friendly. Both modes of transactions are equally useful and important but for different purposes and sectors.

Countries and crypto debit card usage:

At this age, various countries are dealing in cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency is a rare type of money. This is non-physical electronic money which is considered an asset. The use of crypto debit cards is also being liked by people for the transaction of crypto investment. This card allows us to pay any special or preferred type of cryptocurrency. These cards also hold the option to pay using fiat currencies too.

The cryptocurrency is not a legal tender in different countries, but many exchanges are working legally. The registration formalities from the authorities are important. Crypto cards are being used legally in some countries. The list of countries where crypto debit cards are legal is wide but Asia, Russia, EU, US, UK are more focused on the legal use of crypto debit cards. Some specific debit cards such as

  1. Wirex (London based crypto debit card)
  2. Revolut (Based in London)
  3. Monolith (Based in England)
  4. Coinbase (US-based)
  5. Patient (Singapore based)

and more are so popular and legal in many terms of transactions.

The area of transactions, investments, and trading in cryptocurrency is under work. Different suggestions, regulations are pending to roll out. In the future, we hope for the maximum legal utilization of cryptocurrencies and crypto debit cards. Once risk factors are reduced and exchanges come along with strong systematic changes the hopes will get more strength. In the year 2021, several pending regulations are expected to be in action for the cryptocurrency transactions. And hopefully, there will be some advancements in the crypto sector as well.