Blockchain Intelligence Group Now Supports Bitcoin Cash

BIGG Digital Assets Inc., who owns the Blockchain Intelligence Group, is the pioneer in the blockchain technology search. It has announced the launch of bitcoin cash in offering data analytics solutions, which is a part of QLUE Release. The version number of the release is 1.16. The QLUE supports various cryptocurrencies such as ETH, ERC20, BTC, and LTC. The bitcoin underwent many roadblocks in 2017. To overcome those hardships, it has come up with the bitcoin cash.

Some many financial institutions and investigators started showing interest in bitcoin blockchain technology and start to measure the liabilities and risks of bitcoins.

Blockchain Intelligence Group has come with a product called QLUETM that would take care of all the risks. It helps financial institutions and law enforcement agencies to trace bitcoin cash transactions. The Bitcoin cash is an addition to the cryptocurrency of QLUE. It is also having to track and tracing abilities.

QLUETM, which is the critical product of BIG, is used by many bigwigs such as law enforcement agencies, banks, cryptocurrency exchanges, ATM operators, etc. There are extensive due diligence checks that are carried out along with the security investigations to explore where the funds are coming from and what destination. The profiles of the entities are also investigated thoroughly.

QLUETM will carry out an investigation and save the regulators’ findings to submit in the court if required.

The President of BIG, Lance Morginn, stated that QLUETM is gaining massive popularity in the market for having a rich and user-friendly interface, which makes it simple for the law enforcement and compliance staff to use it. The Bitcoin cash used in QLUETM is valuable to the existing and new customers to carry out the investigations. It is increasing the revenue and market share of the crypto forensics across the globe.

BIGG strongly believes that the future of the currency would be Crypto. It will create a safe, transparent, and highly regulated environment.

BIGG is spending a considerable amount of money to attain this goal. There are two big companies that BIGG owns. These include – Blockchain Intelligence Group, and the other is the Netcoins.

QLUETM is the Blockchain-agnostic search and analytics engine that allows you to track the cryptocurrency transactions at the forensic level

Bitcoin cash

Bitcoin cash is the digital currency that was created way back in 2017, the hard fork of bitcoin. This is the alternative coin to bitcoins. The bitcoin cash is divided into two different cryptocurrencies. These include – bitcoin cash, and the other is Bitcoin SV. The bitcoin cash is the decentralized peer-to-peer network that uses blockchain to record its transactions in the ledger to maintain transparency. Every transaction is processed, verified, and stored on the ledger that no one can manipulate or attack.

Bitcoin miners create bitcoin cash. The bitcoin has come into the market to kick off the gaps in the bitcoins. The strength of the bitcoin cash can be an increase in the bitcoin market through this cash. It is created with the intent to increase the size of the block and boost the speed at which the transactions are processed. The bitcoin cash is against Litecoin. With its faster transaction speed, it helps the merchants to confirm the transactions at a jet speed. The faster transaction speed will help the bitcoin to compete with other cryptocurrency coins.

The scalability issues that were faced by bitcoins are addressed by bitcoin cash. This is an investment currency. Bitcoin could not handle the surge the processing of transactions on the blockchain technology due to the block size limit set to 1 MB. It consumes a lot of time and power bills to carry out the transactions. Bitcoin cash is the solution to reduce the processing time as it is offering the block size limit of up to 8 MB and can be extended to 32 MB.

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