Bitcoin and Economic Unpredictability

If you take the whole crypto market under consideration, you can find out that the entire crypto market has been able to make amazing strides in terms of money. It is also the fact that the price of Bitcoin (BTC) at the same time has not been completely successful in meeting their heavy expectations.

Bitcoin Fails to Keep its Promise

Bitcoin’s promise of financial breakthrough failed to take place over the past months, and this has led to a continued collection of steam. Therefore, the price of the premier crypto benefit currently steamed above the important 12000 USD psychological threshold.

Nonetheless, as a segment of this particular development, the whole cap of the market of cryptocurrency touched a majestic amount of 386.4 billion USD. This is the level that was acquired back in the year 2018. All things considered, a great number of factors such as deficiency of regulatory direction and substandard investor approach might be stopping the market from blooming as pictured by various experts before.

A Statement from Samir Tabar

Based on the above information, the ex MD for BOA (Bank-of-America) in the “APAC region” and the co-founder of decentralized “P2P token trading network” Airswap, Samir Tabar has a firm belief that when there’s a long-term systematic upside for BTC (Bitcoin), there should be an indifferent set of ups-and-downs just like with any budding asset class.

Nonetheless, the main problem that holds the conventional participants of the capital market from stepping into this market is information imbalance: “Particular players also called ‘whales’ manage a major portion of the market and have formed a bunch of huge market collapses or spikes. Market rotation is absolutely fine, but huge information imbalance or asymmetry is not.”

A Statement from Ariel Zetlin-Jones

Putting this matter forward the associate professor of “Economics” at “CarnegieMellon University’s Tepper-School-of-Business”, Ariel Zetlin-Jones, had to say that a major headwind against crypto demand carries out to be the pandemic of COVID-19, especially when most folks are beginning to ex[erience the economic unpredictability. He also added that it is quite normal for investors not be willing to spend their life savings in a super volatile asset class like Bitcoin (BTC) in such an uncertain period.

The US Dollar Remains Intact

The United States Dollar has far kept its strength well maintained partly because of being the reserve currency of the world, even in this unstable period of the pandemic caused by the deadly Coronavirus. Apart from that, as long as this continues to remain, that is, nations worldwide continue to consider the USD as an international powerhouse, the monetary value of the USD will go on to be the same independent of the new stimulus packages.

Crypto Remains Strong This Year Too

Even though many who doubt have constantly put fingers on the fact that Bitcoin has shown failure is rising exponentially and touching heights, this year as a whole is completely outstanding for it.


Blockchain And Ai: What Happens When The Technologies Merge?

Blockchain and AI have become quite popular in the past few years, but it was not long ago when the world wanted to see how combining both can impact the world and the many things they can do together. Blockchain has led to a technological revolution in a number of different industries, such as retail, finance, real estate, supply chain, healthcare, mobile apps, and many others. It is also among the most trusted and loved technology by users and entrepreneurs. Artificial intelligence is not far behind. It, too, has made an impact in the business world and has led to the upgradation of traditional businesses. Chatbot, one of the most popular AI technologies, has revolutionized customer experience. Slowly, it has become one of the core essentials for businesses in different sectors like travel, retail, mobile apps, healthcare, and others.

Even though both Blockchain and AI are becoming an important part of businesses around the world in some way, combining them both can bring about major changes that one might not have imagined before. Considering AI and Blockchain together will open up many new opportunities for businesses while helping solve many challenges that many sectors might be facing. The mixing of blockchain technology and AI will improve the decision-making process and make them more accurate. It will also help businesses provide a more personalized service to their customers. It will also lead to more privacy for consumer data and prevent sensitive data from being stolen. AI and Blockchain will remove a number of the hassle that comes with different payment methods. It will lead to greater efficiency in international trading. New business models may be introduced using both these advanced technologies.

The integration of Blockchain and AI can easily b utilized in different industries. For example, they can open up new opportunities in the healthcare industry and offer better healthcare services to the patients. It will also help secure the patient’s data from cyber attacks. It will give the patients the power to decide with whom they wish to share their information. Another industry that can benefit from this integration is the retail business. The business owners will be able to track the buyer’s decision of the customers and determine if their marketing plans were successful. It will also enhance the entire payment process and reduce the chances of fraud.

In the financial sector, this combination of Blockchain and AI will streamline the different processes. Blockchain will help in trust-building through Smart contracts. AI, on the other hand, will automate the entire system and reduce dependency on humans. One sector that can totally be transformed through Blockchain and AI is the supply chain management. New technology will help optimize the entire supply chain to improve efficiency and allow businesses to enjoy higher profits. Apart from the above sectors, this combination has already been in use in certain areas such as cybersecurity and self-driving cars.

The power of AI and Blockchain is yet to be explored. But we already have many different proofs that show that companies should invest new technologies to enhance their processes. Some of the companies that are using AI-Blockchain convergence include Engima, Ocean Protocol, Synapse AI, Numerai, SingularityNet, Computable Labs, and others. More and more entrepreneurs and investors are looking to explore the idea. But, the combination of these two technologies is still in the nascent stage. There are many challenges that need to be overcome to successfully embrace the benefits that both these technologies have to offer. It seems that companies should be able to exploit Blockchain and AI in the near future.